We need your help

Keep Florida Beautiful’s (KFB) vision is to create a Florida where every community is a clean, green and beautiful place to live. KFB’s Youth Council is committed to this vision and strives to make a difference by encouraging people to take the KFB “ I Promise” Pledge to end littering, increase recycling and lessen their impact in their community. Please join the Youth Council and lead by example by joining us in taking the pledge and inspiring others to take action every day to improve and beautify our community environments.

Take the “I Promise” pledge

I promise to Keep Florida Beautiful by:

  • Recycling more and encouraging others in my community to do the same.
  • Keeping my community litter-free by putting recyclables and trash in the right place when I see it and encouraging others to do the same.
  • Reducing the amount of waste I produce.


Learn how to Keep Florida Beautiful

Whether you’ve already made your pledge or are still deciding, these tips will help you follow through with your commitment to help make Florida a clean, green and beautiful place to live.

Recycle More

Recycle items rather than sending them to the landfill. Remember to stick to the basics by recycling aluminum and steel cans, plastic bottles and jugs, paper, and cardboard. Other items such as plastic bags and greasy boxes may not be recyclable and can interfere with recycling equipment.

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Prevent Litter

Plain and simple, litter is a piece of waste that has been thrown away without consent and at inappropriate locations. Approximately 85% of littering behavior is the result of individual attitudes.

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Reduce Waste

The average person in America generates over 4 pounds of trash every day which equals approximately 1.5 tons of solid waste per year. Despite our best efforts to recycle, we still generate too much waste which all too often ends up in landfills.

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Meet the KFB Youth Council

The Keep Florida Beautiful Youth Council is made up of students in who act as ambassadors and leaders for youth service in their communities.

Nick Ranieri is a senior in Palm City, Florida and co-chairs the Keep Florida Beautiful Youth Council. He volunteers every year for the Great American Cleanup and works closely with Keep Martin Beautiful on projects such as the annual Extreme Martin Makeover, which helps revitalize economically challenged neighborhoods. Nick also volunteers for TOPS soccer which helps developmentally challenged youth be physically active. Nick enjoys serving on the Keep Florida Beautiful Youth Council because it gives him an opportunity to do more, not only for his community, but also for the entire state of Florida.

Maegan Mikkelson is a senior from Cape Coral, Florida and co-chairs the Keep Florida Beautiful Youth Council. She is also a member of the Keep America Beautiful Youth Advisory Council and is president of her school’s Environmental Club. Maegan participates regularly in beach cleanups as well as waterway and roadway cleanups with her 4-H Club and Keep Lee County Beautiful where she serves as the president of that affiliate’s Youth Advisory Board. Maegan strives to engage members of her community to become advocates for keeping their community clean and green. She enjoys serving on the Keep Florida Beautiful Youth Council because she is passionate about working towards involving other youth and promoting good behaviors to keep our communities beautiful.

Cori McWilliams will be a freshman in Vero Beach, Florida. She is the founder of “Kids for the Sea” which is a club formed to improve environmental conservation. Cori is also very active in sea turtle protection programs such as the Indian River County Sea Turtle Program, the Sea Turtle Conservancy, Brevard County Barrier Island Center and the Brevard County Sea Turtle Emergency Response Program. Working with the Keep Florida Beautiful Youth Council gives Cori an opportunity to work with other youths, educate them and encourage them to take action on their own.

Kenni Connerley is a sophomore in Naples, Florida. She is passionate about keeping Florida’s beaches clean in order to decrease the deaths of marine life. She participates yearly in coastal cleanups and also enjoys organizing food drives to benefit local charities. As a self-proclaimed “fisher-girl,” Kenni strives to educate fishermen of the dangers of leaving their waste, especially monofilament line, behind so that marine life won’t be harmed. She enjoys serving on the Keep Florida Beautiful Youth Council because she feels that by helping others understand how important it is to protect our waters, that she will be able to save the lives of sea life.

Pamela Moore is a junior in Tallahassee, Florida. She is a member of the Key Club, the National Honor Society and the Green Club/Recycling Club at her school. She is also a regular participant in cleanups and recycling projects. In her spare time, Pamela is an avid soccer player. Recycling is her passion and she believes strongly in increased recycling in order to help preserve and protect the environment for future generations. Pamela would also like to work towards addressing the plastic bag problem by collecting the bags and educating people about proper waste management. She enjoys serving on the Keep Florida Beautiful Youth Council because it furthers the mission of advancing recycling and reducing litter in Florida.